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• Kieltolaki "Massahypnoosi" LP

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"MRR: KIELTOLAKI represents a prime example of hardcore/punk "regional development" in 2010. Massahypnoosi is a perfect modern hardcore record that in no way sounds retro, but the foundation laid by early KAAOS and their Finn-core ilk is unmistakable. Whether that is KIELTOLAKI's intention or not, is of no matter 'cause this shit fully stands on its own as a mighty hardcore record. A thrashing, bashing, howling storm that only draws back the pace to hit even harder in the ebbs. My only (minor) complaint is that I wish the bass was louder in the mix because its tone is awesome and really has a lot to do with these songs' powerful impact. The bottom line is that this 12" ais a thundering show of force and a prefect follow up to two great 7"'s. (JU) (Feral Ward)"