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• KIELTOLAKI - Vapauden Illuusio Cassette

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Second LP from this underrated Finnish band who seem destined to be overshadowed. When I saw them play at Chaos in Tejas a few years ago they didn't get a reaction that I thought was fitting for how great they are. I think that was probably due to a combination of the band not really wearing the punk uniform and also being overshadowed by some more famous (even legendary) bands on that impressive bill. Now, their new LP comes out and seems like that's getting overshadowed by the Death Side LP reissues that came out at the same time. Oh well, those of us who know killer Finnish hardcore when we hear it will continue to be stoked on this band. And this is a really great LP... I hear a bit of development from their earlier records. In particular, there's a touch more of that ever so slightly melodic, Lama / Appendix-ish traditional Finnish hardcore sound. I mean, they're still incredibly angry, but it's not as over the top as it was on Massahypnoosi, and I'll gladly trade a hair less aggression for the more complex (even occasionally delicate in their way) melodic bits on this LP. There are a lot of bands out there that go for the rawness of, say, early Terveet Kadet or Rattus, but very few bands out there who can successfully nail the more complex and interesting (yet still raging) songwriting that characterized Lama and Appendix. However, Kieltolaki are pros. Highly recommended.