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• KOHTI TUHOA - Rutiinin Orja Cassette

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Rutiinin Orja, the unrelenting, debut album by Helsinki, Finland-based KOHTI TUHOA, is rapidly approaching release through Southern Lord. With d-beat angst, straightforward shredding attacks, and riotous pogo-punk velocity fueling the entire rampant Rutiinin Orja LP, KOHTI TUHOA's high-velocity hardcore punk is delivered with destructive, by-the-throat conviction, the band unloading sixteen scarring tracks in under thirty minutes. Hear the furious sounds of Finnish hardcore punk at its current best - barbed, destructive and viciously catchy - all ravaged by the wide range of intimidating vocals delivered in the band's native language, teetering between fearsome and fascinating. Diehard followers of Discharge, Framtid, Los Crudos, Rad, Ruidosa Immundicia, and other extreme punk acts should not hesitate for a second in exploring the damaging intensity of Rutiinin Orja.