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• KOLIBRI RECORDS - Various Title CDs

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Kolibri Rekords, an independent record label from Jakarta, Indonesia. Throughout their 5 years establishment in the independent music scene, they have worked with bands and hosted shows across cities (and countries!). Once Vice Indonesia called them as one of “The Best Indonesian Labels Right Now”.


When Ratta Bill, Abi Chalabi, Smita Kirana and Ariel Kaspar met in 2013, being participants of the same art exhibition was the only thing they all had in common. Now they are part of Bedchamber, an indie pop/rock band based in Jakarta that was formed soon after said exhibition. They then do what they referred as pseudo-jamming almost every week to compose the chemistry between members.

The result was Perennial E.P, a five-track indie pop/dream pop album that speaks about transition of the teen ages. Although it has only bedroom quality, the single "Youth" and "Perennial" attracted relations to many of the adolescents which set the band on vogue until the EP sold out not long after. It's often they were compared to Captured Tracks bands like Beach Fossils and DIIV, for the indulgence of reverb-drenched sounds and surf-influenced guitar.

With a redefined sound and songwriting style, the band's debut full-length Geography drives into a new musical territory that speaks about the stage of live, confusion, love-longing through a personal landscape. Dessert-gaze “Ride” shines with an eclectic bassline, Egyptian guitar melody and thick layers of shoegaze-y rhythm. As for the laidback, “Moon” illuminates the intertwining guitar style, dreamy vocals while smoothered with the Chinese-scaled 80’s synth. “The record juxtaposes the cold and warmth of being one confused young adult”,

SEAHOARSE - Magical Objects CD

Yogyakarta indie pop/dream pop act Seahoarse made a sweet jump onto the scene circa 2016 with the release of "Cricket Choir" which introduces aqueous bass of chorus, surfy guitars and dreamy female vocals. The distinction of their music from what usually the city offers gained them credibility as one of the freshest acts in Yogyakarta.

One day one of our bands shared the stage with them and we found out something more: They played amazing live. Gisela Swaragita sang cheerfully while knocked the bass hard, Rudi Yulianto was really in the zone with his strat, Aditya Putra stood up and hitting the drums relentlessly and the new member Judha Herdanta —which known for his dark folk's duo Rabu— breaking the indie pop fashion code by wearing Anthrax t-shirt. All that was delivered with such solid wall of sound. This is too good! we said.

Their full-length Magical Objects was released a year later with tracks like "Apprentice" which builds up showed great composure, the downtempo "Across The Table" that is catchy and tender, and the instrumental "Semicolon" which shines out of the dark intro. Magical Objects is one powerful, cute and tingly album that ought to spark.

GRRRL GANG - Not Sad, Not Fulfilled CD

Everyone has been forming their band with people they go to school with since time immemorial, and Angeeta Sentana, Edo Alventa and Akbar Rumandung are no exceptions. Based in Yogyakarta, the trio gained serious indie-creds through the release of "Bathroom", an indie pop anthem that makes the word "summertime" rather nostalgic than cliché and the song "Thrills" which is daring and straightforward, resembling themselves with female-fronted indie pop bands like Dum Dum Girls and Talulah Gosh. The instrumentation of the three might not feel new, but they enhance the pure pop pleasures through a catchy composition that is not overworked. Just something that we all been missing.

After the release of Stop This Madness singles, the band was invited to many local shows and released "Dream Grrrl" not long after, which rumoured to be included in their upcoming punkish debut EP.