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• KOWARD - Desperate 7"

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Brand new 7" from this Boston band, and it's a ripper. I guess the sound they're going for is the kind of straightforward, barreling, Doom-inspired kind of thing, and they definitely have that going on (and in that respect they actually sound a bit like Sorry State faves No Tomorrow), but I think it's the other aspects of their sound that really elevate Koward. The vocals are very hardcore... it sounds more like the type of singing on like a Boston Strangler record or something, and I can't overstate how great it is to hear a crusty-sounding record without boring vocals. They also have a couple of little musical tricks up their sleeve... a blazing guitar solo here, a "Protest & Survive"-esque palm-muted part there... it's definitely enough variation to keep this 7" snapping along.