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• KURT VILE - Bottle in it 2xLP (Blue Vinyl)

RM 159.00

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Vile’s new album Bottle It In is two tracks and nine minutes longer than Wakin, which in and of itself is not a negative, of course. But with a runtime closer to the old 80-minute limit of the compact disc, there’s more pressure on these songs to be strong enough to stand up against our hectic lives and depleted attention spans.Most do. A few don’t. When all is said and done, Bottle It In feels like the musical equivalent of an excellent 90-minute movie padded with a couple unnecessary scenes to get past the two-hour mark.There are plenty of high points here, to be clear. “One Trick Ponies” is a mystical love song with a Pavement-y lope that benefits from the unexpected appearance of an lovely backing choir. The robot voice that bookends “Loading Zones” is a fun touch. “Hysteria” burns slowly, with Vile’s wandering drawl dragging behind an rippling guitar line. Philly harpist Mary Lattimore’s pretty playing lightens the title track, which smolders to a soldierly rhythm. And “Come Again,” which rides one distant banjo riff for nearly six full minutes, sounds like an Appalachian drone-folk tune dipped in big-city daydreams and left out in a Mid-Atlantic summer to dry.