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• KVLTS - Self Title CD

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Kvlts (pronounced cults) by definition is a term used by the underground black metal/death metal culture which represents positively the cult underground status of a band or a concept.

Inspired by this scenario, Kvlts (the band) are three very fine gentlemen playing apocalyptic rock with cult-like aesthetics. The aesthetics may include black-and-white cover art, concepts drawn from black magic, pagan myths or out-and-out nihilism. Musically Kvlts weaves upon various influences. From post punk,post hardcore to post metal, Kvlts will take you to the deep,dark recesses of your soul. With a sound that is dark,foreboding and powerful, prepare yourself for a trip that is both aurally ominous as it is melodic.

Consisting of Zaid Fadhil (ex-Azlan & The Typewriter,Froya) on drums,Adam Ahmad (Bleeding Mascara & The Outlaw) on guitars and Fariz Fahami (Lurks & Desecrate) on vocals.