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• LANGUID - Resist Mental Slaughter CS

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Hard charging, utterly arse-kicking raw D Beat WAR, played without pretence to the loving formula. Massive rumbling Guitar and Bass sound, jaw-breaking lockstep rhythm section and Dis worship bellowing vocal,  mostly free of Metal influences or blast beats. It’s catchy, violent D Beat Hardcore done right. The production is expectedly rough and ready, yet very loud and imposing, with the vocal sat just underneath the dominating instrumentation. The (kind of dopey/fucking cool) cover art looks like it’s going to involve some Stenchcore sound; that actually isn’t really the case, although there are some sort-of Stenchy atmospheric moments, this is further from that vast Thrashing type sound and closer to devotionally raw Crust/D Beat Punk. Brash, Brutal and Battering! An axe in the face of ‘Neocru$t’.