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Doomsday X (DX) marks Malevolent Creation as the most prolific purveyors of Florida death metal (though they were still in New York for their first demo), with more full length albums than longer running peers Obituary and Morbid Angel.

They return with an unrelenting attack from the glory days of death metal, ignoring the current mindless trappings of who has the fastest blast beats or lowest growls, focusing instead on song craft. It's non-stop aggression even in the slower moments, one aural assault after another. There is a massive amount of variety in each song as they are never content to play the same riffs or tempo for very long. Except for the modern sound this could have come out in the early 90s. It's refreshingly under-produced with a live and crushing sound that highlights the musicianship. Overall the best comparison from their past would be The Fine Art of Murder and Envenomed era. DX takes some time to absorb, it is the kind of album that continues improve with each listen. This is because there are no instant stand out tracks. All the songs are of equal quality, if you like one you'll like them all. That could be said of all their albums as consistency is one of their trademarks.