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• TR029 : Marijannah "Istanah" Cassette

RM 16.00

Tandang Records
BLACK color cassette with jewel case version

As on their excellent debut, , Till Marijannah, Istanah finds the Singaporean stoner/doom crew  — which includes members of Wormrot, The Caulfield Cult, and Abolition A.D. — cranking out moss-covered rock that is by turns infectious and energetic (“Bloodsucker”), anarchic (“Spiderwalk with Me”), lumbering (“Pluto”), elegiac (“1966”), spacey (“Full Moon”), and just plain old HEAVY (“Shapeless”). Like we said… it’s great stuff!
They have also gotten heavier and trippier on top of this, so naturally, ‘Istanah’ is absolutely brilliant!
Artwork by Riandy Karuniawan. Additional layout/design by Michael Andresakis

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