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• MELT BANANA / SENYAWA - Split•Serie Only•Vinyl Ten•Inch Maxi•Single 10"

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CLEAR vinyl version

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2 differents musical groups that are extremely opposite,geographically & aesthetically, teaming up togetherin this split project in 2015.Melt Banana is the shape-shifting, genre-defying Japanesenoise band who formed in the early ‘90s. Now atwo-piece, Yasuko Onuki (Yako) and guitarist Agata producefast, electronic-led grindcore / noise rock.

Jogjakarta’s Senyawa embodies the aural elements oftraditional Indonesian music whilst exploring theframework of experimental music practice, pushingthe boundaries of both traditions. 

Two tracks contributed by each band, marking a new dawnof experimental / avant garde collaborative.Only 1000 pcs available.