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• MISSILES OF OCTOBER - Dont Panic Cassette

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Blasting out of Brussels, this bunch caught my attention as their new album is named for a Douglas Adams quote: Don’t Panic. Whether this is a coincidence or not, I don’t know, but either way it got me to their bandcamp page for a listen. 
I was flicking through some previous reviews and somewhere they’ve been labelled hardcore punk. I’m not sure that’s what I’d go with. I’d definitely put them more into the metal bracket than punk, and sound-wise the first thing that I thought of while listening to the album’s title track was… Nuclear Assault. But slowed down. 
Will someone please corroborate that so I don’t confirm that I’m off my rocker? I think it’s the vocals more than anything else – they’re not dissimilar to John Connelly’s in places. Musically, things are heavy rather than thrash-tastic, so I can see how “hardcore” would come into it.