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• MOONSPELL - Irreligious LP

RM 100.00


180gr BLACK Vinyl
20th Anniversary Edition.
4 page LP booklet with introduction and commented photos by Fernanado Ribeiro
Replica of original 1996 promo poster
Special vinyl mastering
The entire album on CD as extra
2016 Europe Pressing ( 88985351521)

"Irreligious" was the follow up to the highly successful "Wolfheart". While Moonspell's debut album had a very folk-inspired gothic sound to it, their sophomore effort does away with most of that, and brings in a much harder sound. They have done away with most of the Portuguese lyrics, and Fernando Ribiero seems to have improved his pronunciation of the English language. Though most of the songs aren't as captivating as what was present on "Wolfheart", this album still maintains a very dark and atmospheric feel throughout. Once again, the focus is more on the arrangement of the songs, rather than highlighting any one instrument. This works in their favour, as there is no song on the album that can be described as bad.

This album suffers only because it is a follow up to the incredible "Wolfheart", and comparisons are bound to happen. Living up to the standards set by that album would have been a hard task for just about any band. However Moonspell still do a commendable job with this album.

A good buy for Moonspell fans, and for anyone who like the genre.