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• MORTAL SIN - Psychology Of Death LP

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There is really only one Australian band whose work can today be considered classic Thrash Metal. I’m speaking, of course, of the mighty Mortal Sin. It’s a testament to the quality of their 80s output that despite a relatively paltry number of releases, the Sin can still be considered Australia’s foremost Thrash Metal export after all these years. Sadly though, the 90s were not terribly kind to them and like so many great Thrash acts, they disbanded with barely a whimper. After a hiatus of more than 15 years between albums, the boys returned in 2007 with An Absence of Faith, a passable if unspectacular comeback album. We all knew they had a better album in them and evidently, they knew it too. Enter Psychology of Death.

Psychology of Death is just the sort of album that I had desperately hoped for when Mortal Sin originally announced that they had reformed with intention to record. The previous attempt, An Absence of Faith, was a slightly run-of-the-mill Groove Metal album with only faint glimpses of Thrash - the sound of a band not yet completely irrelevant, but apparently unsure of where they fit into the Metal landscape after so many years away. Thankfully, no such concerns plague the compositions that make up Psychology of Death. For anyone familiar with the band’s classic releases, this will feel like an old friend has finally come home. It’s aggressive Thrash Metal that remains incredibly accessible by way of consistently memorable riffs, a fair share of melody and one hell of a knack for a good, catchy chorus. It’s highly reminiscent of their 1989 album Faces of Despair in terms of style and genuinely feels like a continuation of what they started all those years ago, albeit updated with modern production values.