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• MUCK "Local Thrash Heroes" LP + CD

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What makes them far different from most of those banal-cheesy-monotonous local Malaysian indie rock band is on how they obtain their direction in terms of characterizing their own sound. Of course there is that huge Seattle-Subpop sway influencing their style of music, but to a certain extent, the traits of what the band creates is just pure slackening melodious rock and roll that makes indie music more alive and fun to listen to. The album titled song, Local Trash Heroes here is surely a slacker anthem baked in a harmonious garage. Catchy and well craft punk-ish slam without being overly polished. There is a fringe of fuzzy Dinosour influence intact, but you would also notice the twinkling SEBADOH feel and a slight Brit-pop vibrant from OCEAN COLOR SCENE. And what makes this LP sound glowing is that it is mastered by the SUBPOP sound scientist, Jack Endino in Seattle.