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• NILE - In Their Darkened Shrine 2xLP

RM 130.00


GREEN / GOLD Merge Vinyl
2015 Pressing ( RR 6542)

Nile's third full length release is generally thought of by fans as being their best. And with good reason, too! "In Their Darkened Shrines" is a masterful blend of dark, brooding, fascinating, epic, and very finely, meticulously crafted songs. Much of it is as technical and brutal as any Cryptopsy record, but it also offsets these heavy parts with creative, melodic ones. Most of the songs are full of bludgeoning, gnarly guitar riffs, airtight double bass drumming, and very deep--but not quite monstrous--bellows. But several of the other tracks are melodic, atmospheric, and experimental. And this isn't your typical tribal beat metal album, either, as it's much more creative than that. Frontman Karl Sanders (who is famous for this type of thing) dabbles in beautiful string arrangements, keyboards, (what sounds like) a French horn, and Middle Eastern (mainly Egyptian) and even Oriental instruments.

In short, this might be the most expansive and best work of Nile's twelve year career. It's easily one of the best death metal records of The Twenty-First Century, and this disc is also about as addictive, technical, dark, creative, interesting, and all around brilliant as extreme music (and music in general) gets nowadays. "In Their Darkened Shrines" is very highly recommended listening.

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