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• NOSTALGIA - Selagi Daya : Demo 2018 CD

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Nostalgia is a band that still flying the old school hardcore / punk flag. Started in the small town of Parit Raja, Batu Pahat in mid-1998, produced the first EP release in 2001 (Staying Standing) under Aspiration Records, subsequently in 2003 with EP Nostalgia (Self title) and CD Discography 2005 (Neutral Return) the results of their collaboration within the diy network around Malaysia.

Actively carrying positive messages and self motivated self-confidence in gigs around the south and Kuala Lumpur. Until 2012, Nostalgia decided to retreat from hardcore / punk scene, but it was not long. Nostalgia was rejuvenated in 2016 with the insistence and support of the hardcore / punk community who faithfully re-dedicated the positive spirit of hardcore 1998. So here's the Selagi Daya : Demo 2018, the proof of hardcore punk still relevant for the those who need a healthy dose of it.