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· ORCHID - Heretic CDep

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San Francisco-based doom rockers, ORCHID, established their reputation early with the 2009 release of their first EP, “Through The Devil’s Doorway”. The EP quickly received first-rate reviews around the world naming it an ingenious debut for a band with an auspicious future. Shortly after the release of “Through The Devil’s Doorway”, ORCHID began work on their full length album, “Capricorn”, which was released in 2011 by a small indie label. The record immediately gained the band a huge following in Europe. The band around the charismatic lead singer Theo Mindell and his fascinating, psychedelic vocals were the new darlings of the retro heavy rock scene. Enter 2012 the band had gained so much interest all around the globe, it was obvious the next steps would have to be taken. ORCHID did so by signing with Nuclear Blast and is now about to unleash its first release called “Heretic”. The 10” EP will contain three brand new songs as well as the already known “He Who Walks Alone”, taken from the “Capricorn” album. “Heretic” again comes with the stunning artwork by singer Theo Mindell who professionally works as a tattoo artist at his own tattoo parlor, “Spider Murphy's Tattoo”, and is the perfect appetizer for ORCHIDs label debut full-length which is planned to released early 2013. "Late in 2010, after we submitted the „Capricorn“ full length to our label and waited for the release, we realized that there wouldn’t be any extensive touring, so we just kept writing and rehearsing new material. A few months later, we were back in the studio cutting basics for new songs. By the time we finished the business of changing labels, we had way more than one album worth of new songs. We, along with Nuclear Blast, decided it would be a great idea to release a few of those on an EP this year while we wrap up everything for our next full length. We’re really excited for people worldwide to get a chance to check out what we’ve been up to in the last year. These new songs have the classic, anthemic ORCHID sound that people expect from us, along with a few elements that we’ve never shown before." Mark Baker | ORCHID