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· PAINTBOX - Singing, Shouting, Crying LP

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This LP was the debut from Tokyo, Japan's Paintbox, available for the first time in the US on vinyl. Their guitarist was a member of the legendary '80s band Deathside, with his craft shining through on these fifteen tracks, producing a stunning blend of traditional "Burning Spirits" Japanese hardcore mixed with melodic pop and driving hard rock influences, fueled by raging guitar leads, a rampaging rhythm section and husky, toughly-sung vocals.

1. Oneside Surprised
2. Koku
3. Saru-Battle
4. Can't Stand
5. Sing A Crying Song
6. Hopeless World
7. Cry Baby
8. Instant Make Your Dream
9. Impluse
10. Running In Step
11. Situation
12. Brimful Of Feelings
13. A Mirror World
14. Full Of Lies
15. Future