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• PENTAGRAM - Relentless LP

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Pentagram was founded in 1971 between vocalist Bobby Liebling, guitarist Vince McAllister, bassist Greg Mayne, and drummer Geof O’Keefe. ‘70s Pentagram was a continuation of late ‘60s blues/hard rock, similar to Blue Cheer. Their fuzzy groove was heavy, yet fitting for the time. They were not really doom metal at this point, but the seeds were planted with songs like “Forever My Queen” and “Be Forewarned.” The band was so close to becoming the next big thing. They had a failed audition in front of KISS and even recorded a demo for Columbia Records, but Bobby Liebling messed that up. The band fell apart by the end of the decade due to the erratic behavior of Liebling.

Enough with boring history that only I care about, let’s get to the music. The album is full of dark, hellish riffs, courtesy of Victor Griffin. Bobby Liebling is a madman on the mic. He is not a technically great singer, but he makes up for it in his delivery and energy. The vocalist sounds like could testify in court to everything he says. Martin Swaney and Joe Hasselvander provide a nice rhythm and groove to the doom. Victor Griffin steals the show in a lot of ways, as this is a riff-based album. Each note makes you want to bang your head.