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• (Pre-Order) - ÁRSTÍÐIR - Hvel CD

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For those that don’t know Icelandic band Árstíðir, they received worldwide acclaim as a result of an impromptu performance of a 13th century Icelandic hymn in a train station in Germany . The acoustics of the station were perfect, the performance ‘went viral’ and I highly recommend you search for it online.  ‘Hvel’ is their 3rd album, but it was funded by a Crowdfunder appeal, money raised by fans through pledges of money in return for pre-orders and an assortment of merchandise. This is not a band being forced upon our listening ears by a big Record Company with a huge marketing budget, these are musicians funded and directly ‘employed’ by those that respect and love them the most, their fans.
‘Hvel’ is a pretty extraordinary album. It has an intimacy to it which makes it feel personal, but it is powerful too, with strings that are integral to the writing rather than added as additional arrangements. It opens quietly and serenely enough with ‘Himinhvel’, a song in Icelandic (about half of them are) before the album builds in intensity with ‘Things you Said’, a simple but beautiful melody that begins with guitar and vocals, but builds with a powerful level of intensity and crescendo strings that eventually take over the track. The last note is so exquisite and potent, its left hanging and resonating, and its ‘goose bump’ material. These musicians now have me hooked.