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Epic black metal stylings encompass a heart of older style metal, with an album reminiscent of Slayer's early work in the structural creation of each song and the rhythmic metastyle used to hold these riffs together into song. Absu's gritted-teeth vocal scream and chanted recitations melt into the background swimming with strumming rhythm repeated over chord and melody shift: the evil shuddering speed of nervous deconstruction.

The nature of embellishment on most metal records as a chance to show off the keyboards in the name of "open-mindedness" contrasts egregiously the diligent integration of certain choice paganistic intros, clean guitar parts in the folk style, and insertion of non-guitar instruments that occurs here. A risky line was towed with this method of retro-metal in its search for a quest and a sound; underneath aesthetics it is not dissimilar to other black metal and death metal bands in the populist school of atonality, but with some careful structural work and liberally applied good taste, Absu have brought out the structural finesse within the genre.