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• Pre-Order - AGENTS OF ABHORRENCE - Relief CD

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Be prepared, this is one of those short but sweet fifteen minutes full lengths! Thankfully there is no wasted moment. It's also one of those basic 3-piece formations, drums, guitar & vocals which makes for purer and uncluttered style of grind... This band's sound is characterized by a really unique, massive yet gritty and crunchy guitar tone. Kind of technical but crushing and dissonant. And of course, you've also got those killer relentless blastbeats.
This is definitely one of the slickest bands from the whole Melbourne grind scene (The Kill, Internal Rot, Roskopp, Fuck I'm Dead, etc...)
I'd say the band borrows a thing or two from Discordance Axis. Maybe I'm way off the mark but I'm hearing a bit of Nasum or late Brutal Truth also seeping into the band's sound this time, a lot more than in the past stuff I'd say.