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Antaeus, a French black outfit hailing from just outside Paris have been knocking around for a fair amount of years now, however it wasn't until current lead singer MKM and Set united their ideas that they managed to perfect Antaeus as a beast; harsh, catastrophic in its sound and sickeningly visceral.

Grim as hell death/blackmetal compatible to Arkhon Infastus, Beherit, and Cleveland's sons of satan Manticore. Played with furious death and hate without the weakening of keyboards, female voices, or a commercial outlook or sound.

MkM vocals are perfectly scretched, one of the best black metal vocalists right now! The dual guitars by Set and Thorgon absolutely shred. The pounding of Sagoth's bass and Storm's drums (and who also does the flawless sampling) gives one the feeling like their head is going to explode! The grim production of this album is another aspect of black metal that seems to have been long forgotten. The raw sound gives the appropriate atmosphere of this record. Standout tracks are, well, all of them. Every single track is worth checking out.