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Aus-Rotten was an influential American DIY anarchist hardcore punk band from 1991-2001 that was closely associated with crust punk and anarcho-punk. Pittsburgh City Paper described them as "arguably the most important band of the '90s anarcho-punk renaissance." 

While many anarcho bands provided broad political commentary, Aus-Rotten had a distinct way of structurally analyzing specific issues of political decay--both through word and image--in a microsociological context, due in large part to contribution of lead vocalist/essayist/political artist Dave Trenga (who went on to front the even heavier and more polemic Behind Enemy Lines in 2000).

Topics covered included the globalization of corporations and capitalism, the complex roots of societally-conditioned sexism, industrializion, system infrastructure, missionary religious agenda, animal rights and other controversial topics. They combined the direct-action attitude of early 1980s anarcho-punk with a new, heavier sound. Aus-Rotten's 1994 Fuck Nazi Sympathy EP is among the highest-selling crust punk EPs ever, and Havoc Records' highest selling item.

BLACK color vinyl version

Originally pressed in 1996 PROFANE EXISTENCE is bringing this quintessential anarcho-punk masterpiece back in circulation.

In 1996 AUS-ROTTEN released their first LP “The System Works For Them” on an unsuspecting punk scene. It spread like wildfire in a pre internet era within a genre that mostly depended on tape trading. (at least is was pre internet for us penniless punks) “The System Works For Them” was the perfect mix of anger and intelligence that the scene needed at the time (and still does today). It was like a wake up call that opened the eyes and ears to many punks the world over.

The messages where crystal clear and most us were hooked as soon as the beginning shouts of “Boycott” bellowed over the speakers. I don’t believe any of us ever expected their message to resonate so well within the scene, but even more surprising is how the songs are just as relevant today as on they the day they were written. Which is why PROFANE EXISTENCE has decided to repress this record. We feel that that messages that AUS-ROTTEN brought to the table are to powerful to ignore. We feel that this LP is important and therefore should be highly available and priced affordably. We feel that those that would charge over exorbitant prices on eBay or Discogs have forgotten the message.

BLACK color vinyl version

The second studio LP from AUS-ROTTEN, originally released in 1998, is back in print on PROFANE EXISTENCE! Considered by many to be the highlight of AUS-ROTTEN’s discography, “And Now Back To Our Programming” is an absolutely essential anarcho-punk LP, and the rapid fire delivery of righteous political anger AUS-ROTTEN are famous for is just as prevalent on this release as it is on all AUS-ROTTEN records.

From the second the needle drops this LP challenges you to be the change you want to see in the world. 7 songs in total including the epic 16-minute title track.