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• PRE-ORDER - BATTALION OF SAINTS - Complete Discography 3xLP Boxset

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Complete Discography LP
 Boxset (Pine Hill Record)

This 3xLP boxset features every single Battalion Of Saints studio recording since their inception including all the singles, albums, rare unreleased demo tracks, alternate versions, compilation appearances, and even 2 new tracks. 60 songs/111 minutes total! Several albums were remastered and sound better than ever. Insert includes a full lyric sheet with lyrics to every track & personnel list for each recording. This is your one-stop-shop to own everything the band has done in one concise, organized place. Download card included with the vinyl version! Battalion Of Saints were the early pioneers of hardcore punk in America. Bringing a raw, aggressive tone and speed to the west coast punk movement. More in line with UK punk above all else, BOS replicated the ferocity of bands like Discharge and Broken Bones in the USA. Leading on to influence countless bands in the punk and metal genres. Since its 1980 inception, many lineup changes have not halted the band from continuing unto present day. RIYL: Discharge, G.B.H., The Exploited, Negative Approach, Dead Kennedys, Agnostic Front, Circle Jerks, Angry Samoans.