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In the realm of nuclear black thrash, the door is always closed, the volume is always up absurdly loud and no one wants to hear anything anyone has to say. Which is good, because we're kind of scared to say much of anything to Florida's Black Witchery, who on their third full-length lay down 24 gruelling, agonizing minutes of one-dimensional, blasting black noise. If bands like Blasphemy or Profanatica are just too musical for your liking, give this album a spin. Songs like "Kingdom Against Kingdom" and "Apocalyptic Carnage" (to pick two song titles at random, because every song sounds identical) are sure to please any anti-social miscreant who wants to hear just how close to the edge of comprehension mere mortals can take music and still somehow bring it back, somehow convince a record label to release it (with a bonus DVD, to boot!) and somehow release three full-lengths and multiple splits and EPs of a sound that's basically one second of insane (and this is the key: insanely enjoyable) noise repeated ad nauseam.