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• (Pre-Order) - CANNABIS CORPSE - Tube of the Resinanted CD

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The Cypress Hill of death metal, Richmond, VA’s Cannabis Corpse re-up with another
disc of sticky icky. Blunted at Birth, which I reviewed here, introduced the concept of
weed-themed death metal in homage to Cannibal Corpse, both in musical style and
song titles. The debut was a cute novelty; Tube of the Resinated (Forcefield, 2008),
which came out on 4/20 (natch), feels like a real record by a real band. Catchy vocal
patterns and groovy riffs yield a solid, headbangable set of old-school death metal.
The artwork is more thrash than death metal, but then again, this is the side project
of Land Phil from Municipal Waste. Evidently, “Mummified in Bongwater” is about “a
portal to a realm spawned from centuries of spilt bongwater,” while “Experiment in
Horticulture” is about “a giant monster made of pot attacking humanity.” Sweet leaf,