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Combining elements of free jazz, blues and rock, Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band produced what is commonly regarded by critics and fans as one of rock’s few truly original bodies of work. Captain Beefheart’s 1969, Trout Mask Replica, a masterpiece set an unmatched standard for avant-rock.

Live At The Avalon Ballroom 1966 LP
Wax Radio Records
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band are firmly established as one of the most imaginative acts to have emerged from the late-'60s rock scene. This live set captured at the legendary Avalon Ballroom in 1966 find Beefheart and his group emerging from their bluesy beginnings and developing into something far weirder and more psychedelic. This set features many cuts never released by the group on a studio recording and only available here. Essential listening for any fay of Don Van Vliet and his truly unique take on American blues and rock music. Killer.

Clear Spot LP
Rhino Records
Clear Spot is the seventh album by Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band. Clear Spot is sizzling 1972 heavy metal flash. It is without a doubt Beefheart’s most commercial album, and if it doesn’t equal the incandescent brilliance of Safe as Milk or Lick My Decals Off, it is nonetheless a considerable improvement over The Spotlight Kid. While the latter album stayed close to the blues idiom, Clear Spot ventures into areas that are new for Beefheart. Its unqualified successes — “Low Yo Yo Stuff,” “Nowadays a Woman’s Got to Hit a Man,” “Crazy Little Thing,” “Long Neck Bottles” — are tough, tight bursts of energy. None of them are blues, but they are valid extensions of the blues tradition, with high, whining slide guitar leads, harmonica breaks and gravelly, shouting vocals.

The Spotlight Kid LP
Rhino Records
On The Spotlight Kid, Captain Beefheart took over full production duties. Spotlight takes things lower and looser, with a lot of typical Beefheart fun crawling around in weird, strange ways. The overall atmosphere is definitely relaxed and fun, maybe one step up from a jam.

Sun Zoom Spark: 1970 To 1972 4xLP Boxset
Rhino Records
Rhino intends to change that with a limited edition four-LP collection that revisits the albums Captain Beefheart (aka Don Van Vliet) recorded with the Magic Band in the early Seventies. It includes all three albums, which have been remastered for the first time, as well as an entire disc featuring 14 previously unissued outtakes from that era.   The collection brings together Lick My Decals Off, Baby from 1970 and The Spotlight Kid  and Clear Spot from 1972. Everything has been newly remastered for the first time.