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• (Pre-Order) - CLOAK - The Burning Dawn LP/CD/CS

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Fans of this style will find Tribulation and Wormwitch influences littered across this record, but at no point does The Burning Dawn reach the lofty standards set by the likes of Down Below or Heaven that Dwells Within. Listeners might not believe that to be true judging from the opening three tracks proper. “The Cleansing Fire,” “A Voice in the Night” and “Tempter’s Call” each integrate a killer set of riffs and leads with refreshingly simplified drums and dry rasps, making for three lively numbers which stick in your head quickly. Cloak refrains from blast beats entirely until fourth track “Into the Storm,” which creates an increasingly rewarding experience for those who are accustomed to blasts in their blackened fare. Unfortunately, this juncture is also where the record starts running out of steam, as tempos up to this point adhere too strictly to the same mid-paced plod. The band recovers some interest with “The Fire, the Faith, the Void” which, incidentally, is an instrumental. Vox-less it may be, but dammit that jaunty beat is irresistible and makes for the one track I want to spin on repeat before progressing further.