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• (Pre-Order) - CRAFT - Fuck the Universe 2LP/CD/CS

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Having just reviewed HAEMOTH's "Kontamination", it is difficult to avoid comparing and contrasting it with CRAFT's "Fuck the Universe", at least to some extent. It is not as though the two discs sit on opposite ends of the spectrum The common denominator is one of quality black metal that emanates from a charred soul. Whereas HAEMOTH tortures with a shrill guitar tone and manic screech that deafens the ears and defeats the weak, the subtlely titled "Fuck the Universe" utilizes a mid-range, fuller sound to deliver its message. The Swedes infect the body with virulent strains of the foreboding death trip of MAYHEM and some DARKTHRONE rip 'n' tear grooves. HAEMOTH scrapes flesh from bone with a cheese grater; CRAFT melts it away, ensuring the victim is allowed to spend time enjoying a slow demise. In the end, the result is the same; only the methods differ.