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Parisian duo Daft Punk quickly rose from French house pioneers in the '90s to dance tastemakers in the 2000s to mainstream heroes in the 2010s, Daft Punk remained one of dance music's most influential and iconic acts by adapting a love for first-wave acid house and techno to their younger roots in pop, indie rock, and hip-hop.

Homework 2xLP 

The duo’s greatest illusion yet. Homework is, in its pure existence, a study in contradictions. The debut album from Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo arrived in 1997, right around the proliferation of big-beat and electronica—a twin-headed hydra of dance music fads embraced by the music industry following the commercialization of early ’90s rave culture.

Alive 1997 & Alive 2007 4xLP Boxset

A box set containing new vinyl pressings of Daft Punk‘s two live albums Alive 1997 and Alive 2007. The limited deluxe collection will include Alive 2007 on two solid white vinyl records along with a bonus vinyl with the show’s encore on one side and an etched pyramid logo on the other. This box comes with a 52-page book of photos taken during the 2007 tour, replica VIP pass, a slipmat and a download card, as well as a silver vinyl edition of the Alive 1997 album.

Daft Club 2xLP

A largely refreshing collection of remixes, Daft Club suggests that Discovery contained a great album that somehow never got out. That's certainly true of the Neptunes' dizzying, tourist-in-Paris mix of Harder Better Faster Stronger, and Cosmo Vitelli's version of Face to Face, which puts a spectral sheen on the track's blue-eyed soul.

Random Memory Access 2xLP

Daft Punk spent four years and over a million dollars on their quest to revisit the golden age of record production. Random Access Memories sees Daft Punk throwing down the gauntlet at the entire music industry, challenging almost all current preconceptions about the way in which music is made and how to present and sell it. For Random Access Memories they had, they announced, gone back to the recording methods of the '70s and '80s, which involved not only a huge recording budget, but also the employment of great musicians from the era, and the use of high-end recording studios full of analogue equipment, all in order "to make music that others might one day sample”.