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• PRE-ORDER >> DALAM JENGGALA X S.W.U.N - Teman Sepuluh Tahun Book

RM 65.00

Printed in 2 color risograph on Fedrigoni FreelifeVellum
Foil stamped linen cover
Numbered edition.

**place your order & payment before 9th April 2020**
**estimated arrival on April 2020**
**limited stock only**

40-pages poetry book written by Dalam Jenggala,illustrated by S.W.U.N. Each book is accompanied byan audio CD to complete the experience.

This collaboration project initiated by DalamJenggala with S.W.U.N is rarely found here inIndonesia.Dalam Jenggala is a duet of young writerand illustrator from Indonesia, Anom Farid andRoni Onet and together with S.W.U.N as musician,they have launched a book titled “Teman SepuluhTahun”.

This is not your old fashioned kind of book,as it contains contemporary form of art that combineswriting, illustration, and music with an addition of anaudiobook.