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Dawnbringer has always been underrated—heralded by a select few as the best and most unique American metal band you’ve never heard. For a long time they were the one group lead by mastermind Chris Black that was unknown to most people familiar with his body of work, even though they are Black’s longest-running project. When Profound Lore released Dawnbringer’s Nucleus album in 2010, four years after its In Sickness and in Dreams predecessor (which, in turn, arrived six years after the band’s second album!), the metal world took notice and Dawnbringer finally began getting the recognition they deserved, appearing on quite a few “best of 2010” lists.

Since Nucleus, the Dawnbringer machine has become more active than ever, and Black is poised to deliver its follow-up: a concept piece entitled Into the Lair of the Sun God. With its songs titled simply as the chapter numbers to the unfolding story, the album continues in the Dawnbringer fashion of epic, unique, forward-thinking heavy metal that captures the classic spirit of the past while pushing the movement forward to the future. One of the best American heavy metal albums of 2012, Into the Lair of the Sun God lays waste to poser novelty bands of the modern day.