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Led by one-man heavy metal machine Chris Black, considered by many the savior of modern-day metal, Dawnbringer has become a force in underground realms over the last several years, releasing a number of acclaimed albums, most recently Nucleus (2010) and Into the Lair of the Sun God (2012) on Profound Lore Records. Lamentably, we live in an age where the majority of heavy metal is laughable at best.

With their latest full-length on the horizon, Dawnbringer is once again ready to remind us that metal’s true spirit is still alive and well. Recorded in Oakland’s legendary Sharkbite Studios, Night of the Hammer is another glorious chapter in the band’s repertoire that showcases Black as one of the genre’s true visionaries. No image, no false attitude, no posturing or posing—just pure, heartfelt, genuine heavy metal the way it should be.