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After spending most of their first two decades on SST, the band moved to Epitaph in 1996 to release Everything Sucks, a wontedly transient collection of pop/punk nuggets, many of which saw immediate induction into the Descendents pantheon.

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Cool to Be You is the sixth studio album by American punk rock band the Descendents. The band’s lineup includes singer Milo Aukerman, guitarist Stephen Egerton, bassist Karl Alvarez, and drummer Bill Stevenson. Released in 2004, Cool to Be You was the band’s first album of new studio material since 1996. Like the majority of their other albums, the cover of Cool to Be You features a caricature of Aukerman, which has been used as a kind of mascot for the band since 1987. The caricature was created by a high school classmate of Aukerman and Stevenson’s, who often drew comic strips and posters portraying Aukerman as the class nerd. The Descendents formed in Manhattan Beach, California in 1977 and rose to prominence in the Los Angeles punk scene, influencing many pop punk and skate punk bands over the years.

DESCENDENTS - Everything Suck LP
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1996 marked the first time in nine years that Milo Aukerman returned to the almighty Descendents. While the rest of the band continued as All, they never truly took the place of what Descendents paved the way to. 1996 brought Everything Sucks. A Powerhouse of a record with in your face guitars and lyrics. Basically, The Descendents were back and after eight All albums, fans couldn’t have been happier to have Milo back. Everything Sucks was quite possibly the most polished and well rounded Descendents record and while it got mixed reviews initially, the album stands as a solid release.