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Having established themselves as one of the most notable progressive and unique instrumental metal bands since their inception more than 15 years ago, NY-based powertrio Dysrhythmia mirrors the definition of their moniker. Comprised of Kevin Hufnagel (guitars), Colin Marston (bass), and Jeff Eberon (drums), the band has, over six albums, shown the ultimate in musical fortitude with wondrous, jaw-dropping compositions that go beyond jazz-infused, avant-garde technical extreme metal.

Hufnagel and the ever prolific Marston also now comprise one-half of the legendary Gorguts and were specifically recruited by Gorguts mastermind Luc Lemay when he resurrected the technical death metal wonder several years ago.

With their new album The Veil Of Control, Dysrhythmia’s first since 2012’s Profound Lore debut Test Of Submission (previous albums on Relapse Records), they have once again created a new expression within their mind-blasting repertoire — Hufnagel solely using a 12-string guitar on this latest — that will go unparalleled in instrumental progressive metal, proving once again they are an untouchable entity.