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• (Pre-Order) - ELITIST - Fear in the Handful of Dust CD

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With their roots in the hardcore scene, Elitist have drunk deep of death, black, sludge, stoner, crust, grind, and all other decaying and extreme genres to produce their debut,'Fear in a Handful of Dust. Unapologetically sloppy, hostile, and narcotic, this album is a middle-finger salute to anyone or anything that proclaims authority over anyone or anything. The chaotic structures, enveloped with feedback and noise, are a relentless bombardment of frenzied drumming, sluggish and distorted riffs, and vomited salvos. Unremittingly vicious, angry and revolted, Elitist's songs move from wading-in-wet-cement doomy diatribes to tracks that compress their hardcore/grind influences into seething slabs of bile. This black and white approach to song writing means that the songs can be monotonous. Because they never let up can be the only criticism that can be fired this way. But in attacking hypocrisy in all its ignominious forms � whether religious, governmental or just plain head-down herd mentality � if you don't feel something when listening to this, you're already dead. If you do feel anything, whether blind bewilderment at what has befallen or utter relief that the deceits that surround so many bands professing to be the envoys of truth are here torn apart, then be prepared. Remorseless, nihilistic, and unsympathetic, you have no choice but to react to this. Fight or flight, the choice is yours.