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• PRE ORDER - END RESULT - Discography CD

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PRE ORDER before 10th January 2020. Items will be arrive end of January 2020.

Discography CD realese by Breaktherecords from Japan. Anarcho Punk from USA similar to band like ICONOCLAST or CRUCIFIX.

What Pain WIll You Sustain? -Demo 2017
01.Aimless Games
02.Stagnant Peace
03.Vacant State
04.Day by Day
05.What the Future Holds?

End Result / The Last Survivors Split 7 "
06.Empty Silence

End Result / BETOE Split 7 "
08.Life. War. Death.
09. Abuse

End Result / Phane Split 7"
11.Vision of the End

3 Track Tour Cassette-2019
12.Life. War. Death. (Rough Cut )
13.Abuse (Rough Cut)
14.Day by Day (Rough Cut)

Extra Track
15. Why So Limited? (Icons of Filth)