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• (Pre-Order) - ESBEN AND THE WITCH - Nowhere LP/CD

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Esben and the Witch have had an interesting career trajectory. Their debut, Violet Cries was a dreamy, melancholic mix of post-rock and dream pop that sat somewhere between those two genres without really being either one. It worked and worked well, and the band sounded hungry and ready for more. That was seven years ago, and the band are now preparing to release their fifth album, entitled Nowhere. 

Since their debut, the band have evolved their sound with a masterful subtlety. Their dreamy, lengthy psyche-pop songs have become shot through with a creeping darkness, a tension that’s almost impossible to pin down yet very obviously there. Skirting the edges of doom metal and shoegaze at times on their previous album Older Terrors,  the band have written an even more somber and beautiful album with Nowhere, and while it doesn’t necessarily break new ground for the band, evolution rather than revolution is often a better bet for acts who have an established but highly malleable sound, as Esben and the Witch certainly do