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• (Pre-Order) - Gabber Modus Operandi - HOXXXYA LP

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PRE-ORDER before 20th April 2020

Edition of 300 copies pressed on Purple vinyl, including an instant download of the album dropped to your account. Artwork by Tianzhuo Chen of Asian Dope Boys, mastered by Raphael Valensi, cut at D&M Berlin

Shanghai’s pioneering SVBKVLT imprint finally make one of last year’s defining albums available on vinyl for the first time. Gabber Modus Operandi's debut album for despatches eight hooligan alloys of heavy metal, militant Dutch kick drums and native styles of gamelan and Dangdut Koplo - local folk-pop - for a totally unique proposition no matter what angle you’re coming from. 

Working a sound bound to unite scallies from Sunderland to Rotterdam and Jakarta, ‘Hoxxya’ toggles the pressure between mixtures of industrial panel beating and BM atmospheres in ‘Genderuwo’ to the hypnotic meld of pealing horns and bonehead stamp in ‘Sangkakala III’, getting the heart rate up with the adrenalised stepper ‘Semeton 10 Ton’, along with the scudding swagger of ‘Kon’, nodding south to the Bloody Fist crew and their apocryphal Pyongyang Hardcore Resistance in ‘Tekyan’, while ‘Trance Adiluhunxxx’ gives a stinging shot of melodic energy, and the hyper percussion of ‘Calon Arang’ and ‘Padang Galaxxx’ get us gurning like a hellish mask.

It’s a seethingly up-for-it and puckishly immediate sound, lending a thrilling new spin to well-trampled tropes in a way symptomatic of the current wave of rave goods.