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They perfectly combine punch-you-in-the-gut hardcore with something a little artsier and ambitious. Geld, with members of KRÖMOSOM and POWER, are certainly a capable hardcore band, and they’re great at a range of different moves, from full-bore rage to the bouncy, danceable rhythms of bands like Bib or Blazing Eye to the wild, out-of-nowhere Gutter God's flange to Vinnie Stigma-esque guitar lead.

But they’re just as, if not more, capable as noisy experimentalists, whether you’re talking about the little bits of minimal industrial music that pepper the album, their occasional use of weird, proggy rhythms, or the way they lay crazy noise textures over top of everything like Jackson Pollock slinging paint across a canvas.

BLACK color vinyl version

Swirling psychedelic D-Beat madness from Melbourne. Acidic fuzz guitars and wild distorted vocals snarling out 11 songs about suffering, vulnerability, paranoia and banality are what make up the perfect texture of living in today's doomed world. "Perfect Texture" offers about as much comfort as a swarm of angry bees whose nest has just been kicked.

BLACK color vinyl version

A nasty follow up EP to the Perfect Texture LP released earlier this year finds GELD in a more irascible and unhinged state. Soft Power expands on the band's vision of a freer form of D-Beat with noisier sounds, tighter dimensions, wilder visions and subtler experimentation with carefully placed nuances. Don't be tricked into thinking this is some sort of hippy dippy jamband bullshit though, every second of this is cruelly calculated and executed with the utmost care.