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• (Pre-Order) - HATE ETERNAL - Upon Desolate Sands LP/CD

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Erik Rutan is one of the most important men in the history of death metal. He has established himself as one of extreme music's premier producers—having twiddled the knobs for the likes of everyone from MORBID ANGEL and CANNIBAL CORPSE all the way over to SOILENT GREEN, MADBALL and EPHEL DUATH. But he has most significantly left his indelible imprint by virtue of his work as an artist. Rutan was cutting his chops early on with underground legend RIPPING CORPSE before joining genre leader MORBID ANGEL for two separate periods. Yet in spite of the undeniably profound impact and value of the aforementioned two bands, neither project afforded the guitarist the opportunity to lead the charge.

So in the late nineties, Rutan embarked upon a new voyage helming his own ship's wheel: HATE ETERNAL. The act's 1999 debut, "Conquering the Throne", proved true to its name, and Rutan and company tested the limits of relentless, blasting death metal mayhem. Since then, some efforts have been better than others, but the group has never released a bad album, and it's stayed the course in term of operating as one of the genre's most belligerent entities. Now, with "Upon Desolate Sands"HATE ETERNAL has released one of its best albums.