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Hiroshi’s coveted and collaborative 1976 debut solo album.

As one of the most prolific and respected keyboardists in Japan, Sato has appeared on a countless number of classic recordings as a session player in addition to the dozen-plus solo works he made over his four-decade career. He collaborated often with Haruomi Hosono and his Tin Pan Alley crew and was a member of Shigeru Suzuki’s short-lived band, Hucklebuck.

This solo debut album of Hiroshi Sato announced after his participation in Hackleback is its first reissue on vinyl.

Guided by Shigeru Suzuki, he joined Hackleback, a band formed opposite to Tin Pan Alley. One year later, in 1976, this work was inspired by local musicians who traveled to LA to create this “supermarket.”. There are some funky jams here, but nothing approaching the heights of the best Boogie or City Pop sounds that would appear in the next few years in Japan.  The Wilson-influenced, lightly fusion/"island sounds" rays caught from tracks like "レインボー・シーライン" and "Night in L.A." are really fascinating in this release.