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• Pre-Order - HYPERCULTE - Western Massif LP/CD

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It is indeed the worst madness to be wise in a crazy world "chants Hyperculte on his second album Massif Occidental, a real cry of musical freedom, wild and joyful (to be released in late April 2019 on the label Bongo Joe Records) .

The duo, made up of the best of the Geneva experimental rock scene - Simone Aubert (Massicot, Tout Bleu) on drums, guitar and vocals and Vincent Bertholet (Orchester Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp) on double bass and vocals - continues their cavalcade crazy in a world plagued by chaos, to better take us into a trance mixing disco, pop, kraut, punk and post rock.

Sharp rhythms, inventiveness of the composition, poetic and committed lyrics, the eight tracks of the album, composed from musical improvisations, fragments of literary texts and political slogans, testify to the sharp - and clear-cut - look of the two musicians on our time. The instruments and the voices - a worked female song and a more raw and spoken male scansion - full of effects and distortions of all kinds, dialogue, play and respond to each other.