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• (Pre-Order) - IMPERIUM DEKADENZ - Dis Manibvs LP/CD

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CD + DVD "Live at Summer Breeze Open Air 2014" in Digipak with 8 page booklet 

German duo Imperium Dekadenz aren’t likely going full-on DSBM Silencer-styled pysch ward anytime soon, there are definitely traits of Dark Metal-era Bethlehem and early Burzum coloring their melancholic soundscape. So, while the title track of their forthcoming album, Dis Manibvs, occasionally shimmers like Deafheaven or early Alcest, there’s a streak of menace behind all of it.

“Our title track ‘Dis Manibvs’ describes a journey to the desperate moment of death when attending a loved person doomed to pass away,” the band tells Decibel. “Its heavy low-tempo melodies might remind you of songs like ‘Staub und Erinnungen’ from our album Dämmerung der Szenarien. They are supported by a down-tuned seven-string e-guitar, which creates a dark depressive atmosphere until a furious blast marks the very moment of death. In our mind, ‘Dis Manibvs’ represents the most intimate and dark track on our forthcoming release.”