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• (Pre-Order) - INSANITY ALERT - Self Titled LP/CD

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Thrash Metal/Crossover/Party quartet INSANITY ALERT formed in 2011 in Tyrol, a federal state in Western Austria. Metal music was bound to eventually get faster and more technical. This is how Thrash/Speed Metal came to be. The annals of the genre can be traced back into the late 70’s even, where some scholars say the groundwork was laid by MOTORHEAD, JUDAS PRIEST, and even HEART (yes, have you ever heard the riff in “Barracuda”)? Of course, the most famous of the early Thrash bands include well-known acts like EXODUS, METALLICA, ANTHRAX, MEGADETH, and SLAYER. Though it seemed to have run its course by the time Grunge came along, it enjoyed a re-birth of sorts, as fans of those early bands grew up and formed bands of their own.