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Johnny Marr, one of the most celebrated guitarists in the history of contemporary music. Best known for his work alongside Morrissey as the creative force behind The Smiths.

The Messenger LP

The album features Marr front & center on vocals & guitar, & represents our first chance to capture Johnny Marr's musical vision exactly as he envisioned on the first true solo album of his career. The Messenger was written & produced by Marr himself. The Messenger is the big, bright, jangly guitar rock LP that Smiths fans would have killed for in 1994, full of fantastic guitar tones and cavernous choruses. But in 2013, it exists in its own, hermetically sealed context.

Playland LP

‘Playland’ is a sequel of sorts in that regard. Arriving just 18 months later, it reads from the same classic British indie, new wave and post-punk hymn sheets as its predecessor, but coming from the guy who helped author significant swathes of those hymn sheets in the first place, it’s difficult to take umbrage.

Adrenalin Baby 2xLP

His first live album, recorded from gigs in London and Manchester, Marr’s first solo live collection is full of jingle-jangle virtuosity and timeless new wave zing. It takes in both of his solo albums The Messenger and Playland and dips into the Smiths catalogue for good measure.

Call The Comet LP

‘Call The Comet’ is Marr’s most assured solo effort to date. Rather than wallow in the mire of the now, Marr has dreamt of a better tomorrow. In doing so, he’s built one for himself.