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It's a gorgeous piece of work, full of intricate guitars, stunning strings, and lovely vocals, all assembled in amazing arrangements. Jorge Ben Jor's been making a living making music for a half century, and earning a worldwide audience in the meantime, and by his own estimation, this is his best work. One needn't speak Portuguese to fall in love with it, though; the melodies and rhythms are infectious enough that the songs work even if you don't understand them.

Jorge Ben's acoustic guitar playing here is exceptional, at times incredibly energetic, at times soft and smooth in the old bossa nova style, and always bouncing along carefree and up-beat. Every song on this short record starts off with a riff or theme, which builds to a magnificent crescendo. And the record has the raw feel of a recording studio with little time or money for fancy sound-stuffing (but that just makes the record more sincere). Surprisingly absent are the horn sections notable on many earlier and later recordings. Maybe that is what makes this record so sweet, just pure Ben, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, (with the help of some back-up vocals, and a corny-sounding, 1974-era electronic keyboard which you barely notice underneath the guitar).