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KHAOS-DEI carries the flag for French black metal, and has a commitment to making black metal which goes beyond nail gauntlets and bullet belts.

“Opus II: Catechism” is bleak, despairing and melancholy. But that doesn’t mean it’s a depressing affair – it’s catharsis. While creating beauty from darkness is something often found in metal, this band does it in a way that stood out. KHAOS-DEI’s music is not dark for the sake of it, but instead is a genuine outlet for particular emotions. The tracks on the second half of the album were particularly absorbing. “Une Armée Entière” opens with a huge drum roll, and an anguished howl from Nacht. He gives a particularly powerful performance on this track. Things take a hypnoptic turn with chants of “Ave Satanas”, with a slower pace putting the listener into a trance – only for a cascade of fiery riffs to come crashing down. The sound of marching in the coda segues into “Prête à Servir”, with its sombre violins and cellos; there’s a sense that a turning point has been reached, one from which there’s no going back. “Là Où Les Mots Ne Parlent Plus” is a grand number, and opens with a hard-hitting riff. Plaintive riffs sound, with interesting counter-melodies. Damien does some great work behind the kit here, with polyrhythms making an appearance. Soaring violins heighten the drama, along with resonant toms and sombre chanting.